About Dianne

Nuts and Bolts Health is a mind-body medicine and manual therapy clinic. Dianne Seppelfrick has been practicing massage, bodywork and mind-body skills since 2001, experienced in treating medically complex patients of all types. Her Masters degree in psychology with a specialization in health psychology informs her work, aware that every ache and pain is not always isolated to a physical structure. The mind is woven throughout the tissues of the body and is sometimes a very active component in either aiding or preventing recovery. Mind-body practices combined with manual therapies can sometimes yield the most relief. That is, supporting the nervous system to enhance healing.

Since 2009, Dianne has been practicing massage, bodywork, and mind-body medicine exclusively in a clinical setting. This practice has allowed her to become experienced with the most acute medical issues and general, chronic medical conditions. Burns, scars, broken bones, bone fragility, solid organ and stem cell / bone marrow transplants, joint replacement surgery, organ or tumor removal surgery, ostomy bags, drains, tissue expanders, ports and PICC lines, low platelets, low white blood counts, blood clots, all types of cancer, cancer treatments and their side effects, mystery pain, state anxiety, phobia, muscle sprains, strains, edema and lymphedema. Working with these special conditions is her specialty and, over the years, has earned the trust of the nurses and doctors through her conscientious, cautious, and informed approach to treatment.

My patients frequently say to me, “I would love to get massage outside of [the hospital], but I don’t know who to trust.” I opened my practice with people like them in mind, those in the midst of conditions where massage can greatly benefit them, but they are not sure where to turn – who to trust.

I work in collaboration with you, learning about you, ascertaining your goals and needs, creating a treatment plan, using manual therapies to catalyze and support your own innate healing processes and, then, assessing progress as we work together.

Dianne Seppelfrick

  • Licensed and Board Certified Massage Therapist
  • Certified Asian Bodywork Therapist
  • Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist
  • Masters degree, Psychology, Health specialization
  • Mind-Body Skills Trainer
  • Additional training and experience includes:  advanced fascial and myofascial work, tissue management for scars including burns and skin grafts, trigger point therapy, prenatal, oncology, cupping, guasha, Healing Touch, eliminating fears and phobias (shiatsu), enhancing performance, general wellness