About Dianne

Nuts and Bolts Health is a massage therapy and mind-body health clinic. Dianne Seppelfrick has been practicing massage and manual therapies and teaching mindfulness and meditation since 2001. She sees each client as a whole person beyond their primary complaint and is aware that not every pain is isolated to a physical structure, a bio-mechanical explanation. The mind is woven throughout the tissues of the body via the nervous system and is very often an active component in either aiding or preventing recovery. Mind-body practices combined with manual therapies and traditional medical interventions frequently yield the most relief.

Dianne has extensive experience working in clinical settings. This has allowed her to become experienced in working safely with both acute and chronic medical conditions. Working with these conditions is her specialty and, over the years, has earned the trust of the nurses and physicians through her conscientious and evidence-based approach to treatment.

I work in collaboration with you, learning about you, ascertaining your goals and needs, then creating a treatment plan based on current research, my training and experience, using manual and mind-body practices to support your innate healing processes and, then, assessing progress and modifying treatment as needed.

Dianne Seppelfrick

  • Licensed and Board Certified Massage Therapist
  • Certified Asian Bodywork Therapist
  • Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher
  • Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist
  • Masters degree, Psychology, Health specialization